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"In a musical cosmos saturated with overly earnest, more-polite-than-Beaver-Cleaver "Americana", too often offering more stance than substance, Lynn Taylor's Staggered is a hundred proof rock n'roll shot of reality-- great songs driven by real live electric guitars and Taylor's distinctive raspy tenor, and borne from real love, loss, and that clumsy dance called life. My favorite records find new and beautiful ways of saying it's too late for pretending, and Staggered closes down the bar at sunrise and brings us in close for one hell of welcome come-to-Jesus." - Kevin Gordon

" I love the record. The band is stellar! The songs evoke everything from Thee Count Five to Paolo Conte and still retain that country-fried flavor. A sad and beautiful record. The standout songs to me are 'Rock, Paper, Scissors,' 'Staggered,' and 'Crumble Away.' Great! " - Chuck Mead

"Hard times pull back the curtain to show who we really are. With "Staggered" Lynn Taylor looks his personal struggles in the eye and comes away with a cache of gut-punching songs of perseverance and hope. " - Baron Lane of Twang Nation

"Lynn Taylor and the BarFlies, Hollow Man. Drinking can be a rocky road when the tables get turned and what once was so much fun turns into a dead-end run. Lynn Taylor has a way of writing about that two-edged razor and the walk to the other side. The opening song, “Supposed to Be,” captures the aching heartache of a couple caught in the headlights of scuffling sobriety and how it works and doesn’t work. His lyrics have a way of jangling the soul: “I hadn’t seen her in a real long while/I called her up just to hear her smile…” Right. Taylor’s voice goes to what that life is all about, never blinking or asking for favors. But he also never pulls the parachute to escape the living and the loving that fuels us all. Recorded over two days, there won’t be any more direct music released this year. Sometimes things might veer a little close to the edge, but that’s the price that must be paid for honesty. “Don’t take my devils away/They keep my angels company,” Taylor sings. True that." - Bentley's Bandstand by Bill Bentley

"Blues tinged sounds of “It’s Alright,” Taylor approaches this disc with the zest of a newcomer and hammers it out of the ballpark. He switches gears on the light and easy sound “Stay With Me,” which is a highlight of the album. But, he really begins hitting his stride on “Beefboy Jack & Mississippi John,” which is one of more unique cuts on the album. He sounds like he is having a ball!That passion also bleeds through on the Redbone-ish “Decatur Street,” as well as the Americana sounding “She Had A Laugh.”But, keeping with the old show business saying ‘Leave them wanting more,” he does that on the stunning closing cut “My Way Back Home,” which is an incredible cut. Welcome back, Lynn Taylor!"Dan Harr - Music News Nashville

“There’s something about Lynn Taylor’s voice that gets right under your skin. But it’s an infestation you’ll welcome if you’re a fan of real country music. Taylor’s vocals recall Wayne the Train Hancock, with a touch of John Prine. And if you mention Hancock, you need to include Hank Sr, whose ghost is floating above Taylor as well, dropping down into Taylors vocals intermittently with a twangy sigh.” Grant Britt - No Depression

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