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This just in! A review of Hollow Man on The Alternate Root…

Lynn Taylor and the Barflies  (from the album Hollow Man on Lamon Records) – The Barflies gather around Lynn Taylor like he was a favorite watering hole. After a musical hiatus to raise a family, Lynn returned to songwriting and performing in 2009 and began playing out with cohorts Sergio Webb, Thom Jutz, and Jim Gray as The Barflies. Lynn Taylor stands in the middle of fifteen-person circle of The Barflies, and interchangeable Indie Folk and Roots collective. Hollow Man, his most recent release, offers admissions and confessions on the title track where Lynn Taylor makes room for both his angels and devils to board the bus. A solid shuffle stomp helps “All Part of Love” trudge onto Hollow Man while “Champagne and Ice Cream” pops the cork for a night of sweetness by the riverside as firmly plucked notes support the vocal growl looking for freedom in “Stop Knockin’”. Lynn Taylor and the Barflies ramble and rumble through Hollow Man, swaying side to side out a musical background that bounces (“Gonna Be with You”), swoons (“Supposed to Be”), and perks up your day with simple advice (“Get Your Smile On”).

The Barflies tightened up with a Sunday residency at Nashville’s The Silo, bringing the same line-up to Hollow Man with Sergio Webb (dobro), Jennifer Halenar (fiddle), Will Logsdon (mandolin), and Parker Hawkins (upright bass). The album shows its heart tenderly as Lynn Taylor is backed with band vocals cresting like waves on “Simple Love”, and dueting with male and female love scene heading back to opening day with “Paint Me a Picture”.

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